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    Denver Carpet

    Before you choose carpet for your home, here are the factors to take into account so that you can make the right decision. First, pinpoint your goal for new carpet. Is it to dampen sound? Is it a high traffic area? Is this purely an aesthetic desire? What do you want the new carpet to accomplish for you? Second, which rooms do you want to be carpeted? And third, what is your budget?

    Our carpet consultant will work with you to discover your answers to these questions and find the right brand and type of carpet for you.

    Denver Carpet Brands

    At Denver Carpet & Flooring, we offer trusted brands that have lasting style and durability so you will love your carpet for years to come.

    Types of Carpet

    While there are various brands to choose from, there are also assorted types of carpet made from different materials for you to consider. These include:

    Each of these textiles has unique features. Your consultant can explain the benefits of each and determine with you which will best suit your needs.

    Carpet Textures

    Carpet comes in many textures which originates from how the fibers are woven. The most common of these carpet textures are:

    • Berber
    • Frieze
    • Cut Pile
    • Cut and Loop
    • Level Loop
    • Multilevel Loop
    • Velvet Plush
    • Saxony
    • Shag

    We can bring you samples of different textures so you can see for yourself what type of weave will work for your home.

    Denver Carpet Design Experts

    We offer a wide selection of carpet styles, textures, and color options. Our carpet professionals will conduct a free consultation in your home and provide you with a free estimate to help you choose the best carpet for your lifestyle and budget.

    Denver Carpet Installation Experts

    We will quickly measure the space you’d like to have carpeted, and our installation experts can have you walking on your new carpet in about a week.

    Save Time & Money on Shopping for Carpet

    Saving you time, stress, and hassle is our #1 priority. Not only will you save money with our competitive pricing and our special discounts, but you will also save time and avoid the inconvenience usually associated with shopping for carpet.

    Budget-Friendly Carpet

    No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll be sure to help you find it at a price you can afford. That’s the difference when you work with a local Colorado carpet and flooring company — we take care of our neighbors.

    To learn more about our carpet options or to arrange a consultation, please contact Denver Carpet & Flooring today.

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