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    For buyers who really want to express their personality and add an extra dimension to their space, Unique Carpets has got you covered. Unique Carpet specializes in high-quality wool, tufted nylon, and sisal designs. Their carpet flooring collection is known for popping out with textures, patterns, and artistry that looks hand-woven.

    While they do carry bold, wild, and colorful styles, Unique Carpet is primarily interested in taking your space to the next level of high-end design and fashion.

    Denver Carpet and Flooring is committed providing our customers with a wide variety of carpet flooring options. Creative expression shouldn’t be compromised for the safer option. Live a little. Contact our carpet flooring specialists to view our Unique Carpets collection. Ask about our in-home consultations, where we bring our Unique Carpet collections to you.

    Designer Collection

    The Unique Carpets brand has become synonymous with fine interior design for Hollywood celebrities and Fortune 500 executives. Unique Carpets are not your middle-of-the-road carpet flooring. They offer bold choices that add vibrant, updated design to your home.

    Exotic Textures and Patterns

    Unique Carpets manufactures and imports exotic carpet patterns and styles that are made from high-end wool or nylon that closely mimics premium wool carpet fiber. You will find the most interesting and unique textures come out of their tufted wool, berber, sisal, and seagrass collections. Their unusual weaves and textures make it easy for you to make chic design choices.

    Custom Carpet Flooring

    In addition to their selection of exotic carpet flooring styles, Unique Carpets offer made-to-order broadloom carpets and rugs. If a pattern, texture, color is too wild for your wall-to-wall carpeting taste you can request it be turned into an area rug so you can add a piece of designer carpeting to your space. Specific colors may also be requested.

    Quality and Value

    You don’t have to break the bank to live a vogue lifestyle. Unique Carpets may not be for the timid but it certainly isn’t exclusive. Unique Carpets bring quality designs and carpet fibers at an affordable cost. Their carpet flooring collections are constructed to withstand heavy traffic and use. They have a reputation for quality, detail, and service.

    Unique Carpet Installation

    If you’re going to be bold, do it right. Denver Carpet and Flooring are professional carpet installers who will make sure your subfloors are prepared to specs, and that your carpet padding and overlay are properly installed so that your Unique Carpet will last.

    Visit our showroom or contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our flooring specialists. Our carpet flooring specialists stay up-to-date on what’s trending, and what will maximize functionality. We can bring the carpeting samples to your home, take measurements, and provide a detailed quote with our shop-at-home service.

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