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    Nylon carpet fibers provide more durability, flexibility, and easy maintenance for busy households. Nylon is the preferred synthetic carpet fiber in over half of residential properties today. Denver Carpet and Flooring carries several top brands and styles for nylon carpeting. Our flooring specialists can help you match the right carpet flooring to your space. Visit our store or contact us to bring the shop-at-home service to you. A carpet flooring specialist will bring carpet samples, take measurements, and provide you with a detailed quote.

    Color, Styles, and Textures

    Nylon carpeting keeps up with the latest styles and can be dyed with essentially any color or print. Nylon has flexible qualities that make nylon carpet fiber ideal for creating unique shapes, patterns, and textures. Nylon carpeting can mimic luxurious qualities like silk and offer a bed of comfort for our feet. Popular styles like berber, frieze, plush and patterned carpet all come in nylon fiber options.

    Elasticity and Resiliency

    Nylon is more expensive than other synthetic carpet fibers, such as polyester, but has an excellent performance against wear and tear. Nylon can be stretched and crushed by heavy furniture for long periods of time and still regain its original form. Advancements in technology give nylon carpet fiber some of the best stain and static resistant qualities. This carpet fiber repels dirt, moisture, and mildew. Nylon carpeting is ideal for heavy traffic areas, kid’s playrooms, and any general purpose use.

    Types of Nylon Carpet Fiber

    There are two types of nylon carpeting: type 6 and type 6,6. Both respond well to cleaning and will maintain their original cut-pile loops and patterns for years. Type 6,6 is considered the premium choice and will withstand melting, crushing, staining longer. Type 6 offers great value at a lower price point.

    Nylon Carpet Care

    Another reason why nylon carpeting is popular is because it is easy to maintain. Regular vacuuming and the occasional steam cleaning are all that it needs. Spot treatments with a mild soap are recommended for spills.

    Fast Carpet Installation

    Denver Carpet and Flooring has a knowledgeable team of carpet flooring specialists to help you determine what type of carpeting matches your space and budget. We have a professional carpet installation team ready to work and get you enjoying your new carpet flooring quickly.

    Visit our showroom or schedule an appointment to view our carpet flooring samples.

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