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     Carpet Hardwood Laminate Tile Vinyl

    Polyester carpet flooring was once considered the step-child to nylon, but advancements in polyester fiber technology have made this material a comparable alternative. Polyester fibers can absorb colors to create vibrant hues where nylon cannot. Polyester carpeting also offers the most stain resistance and overall value in carpet flooring.

    Denver Carpet and Flooring stocks a huge selection of polyester carpet types from leading manufacturers. Visit our carpet store to speak with one of our carpet flooring specialists, or contact us to schedule a time to bring the shop-at-home experience to you.

    Polyester’s Improved Carpeting Technology

    Advancements in polyester carpet fiber technology make it the most stain and fade resistant out of all carpeting materials. Significant improvements in yarn processing has resulted in higher quality fibers. Carpet manufacturers are able to form higher twists that give polyester fiber carpeting better performance against matting and crushing. Durability, performance, and vibrant colors make polyester the fastest growing carpet fiber today.

    Luxury Polyester Fibers

    Innovations in polyester lend itself to softer, more luxurious carpet fibers that can create the same interesting textures and patterns you would see in nylon and wool including frieze and berber carpeting. Triexta, a sub-fiber of polyester, and polyester microfiber carpet fibers are an example of how polyester has been taken to the next level. Both offer exceptional softness with a large difference in durability compared to the polyester carpeting of the past.

    Carpet Installation

    A Denver Carpet and Flooring specialist can go over all the carpet flooring options with you, taking into account your style preferences, desired functionality, and budget. Our flooring specialists are knowledgeable about the latest trends and carpet fiber technologies to help you determine which carpeting is right for you. Give us a call or schedule an appointment with one of our flooring specialists. They are here to help you determine which type of carpeting matches your space and budget. Call today. Our professional carpet installation team is ready to get your new carpet flooring installed quickly.

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