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    Polypropylene is considered a mid-grade carpet fiber but offers great overall value and durability. This material is the third largest fiber used in carpet manufacturing and is often referred by its generic name, olefin. You will commonly hear the two terms used interchangeably in a single sentence so it can get confusing but they are the same thing.

    Denver Carpet and Flooring keeps a large inventory of polypropylene carpet flooring for budget-conscious shoppers. Visit our carpet store and ask our carpet flooring specialists about our selection of olefin carpeting.

    The Race in Synthetic Fibers

    Polypropylene was originally created for outdoor uses, like sporting turf, because it offered both tough and malleable qualities ideal for changing conditions such as rain and harsh sunlight. Polypropylene saw a rise in broader applications during the race in synthetic fiber manufacturing by chemical companies in the 1950s. We now see olefin used in clothing, draperies, industrial ropes, automotive interiors, and carpet flooring.

    Excellent Color Fastness

    Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber that is solution-dyed because it does not absorb water. The solution-dying process involves mixing colors into the actual fiber material before it is made into yarn rather being dyed later in the manufacturing process. In other words, color is built into the carpet fiber and cannot be removed, giving polypropylene an excellent rating against fading. Sunlight, bleach, and other harsh chemicals will not damage this carpet flooring material.

    Moisture and Stain Resistant

    Since polypropylene does not absorb water, it repels mildew and stains exceptionally well. The solution-dyeing process also means polypropylene carpet fibers do not have any porous openings that can absorb dark spills like wine. Polypropylene requires little maintenance, so it’s an ideal choice for outdoor carpeting and basements.

    Drawbacks of Polypropylene/Olefin

    While polypropylene has excellent stain resistance it does not repel against oils and can easily bond to dirt. Olefin is also the most lightweight of carpet fibers so it will not have the same resiliency as nylon or polyester carpeting. Polypropylene carpet flooring is susceptible to abrasion, crushing, and matting in a shorter amount of time compared to other carpet fibers. And, because polypropylene has a low melt point, it can fuse together over time or when heavy furniture is dragged across it.

    Overall Value and Performance

    Though olefin has a lower resiliency than nylon or polyester, it does offer great value and overall performance for budget-conscious shoppers. Polypropylene comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Olefin is most suitable for loop pile and Berber carpets where the construction of the carpet requires less resiliency.

    Carpet Installation

    Denver Carpet and Flooring is well versed in proper carpet installation requirements so our customers get the most use out of their new carpeting. And we will get your new carpet flooring installed quickly. If the product is in stock, we can often install it within a week.

    We provide guaranteed low prices of olefin carpeting from top manufacturers. Our flooring specialists will take measurements of your space and provide a detailed quote for materials and labor. Visit our store or contact us to go over your carpet flooring needs.

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