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    Denver Carpet Styles

    At Denver Carpet & Flooring, we have a huge selection of carpet styles that we can bring to your door. Our professional consultants can help you find the best carpet to fit your budget and style, right from the comfort of your home.

    Berber & Loop Carpet

    What distinguishes berber carpet from other carpet styles is its knotted, woven look. The tightly-woven, dense loops allow berber to be very durable and resistant to dirt. You don’t have to vacuum or clean nearly as much as you do with other kinds of carpet, which makes it a great solution for messy kids and pets. As a bonus, berber carpet doesn’t show imprints from furniture in the surface of the carpet.

    If any of these qualities interest you, consider contacting us for berber carpet installation in Denver.

    Frieze & Twist Carpet

    Frieze carpets are made with textured fibers that contain densities ranging from seven to nine twists per inch. Densities at the lower end of the spectrum will have a softer, more airy feel, while denser frieze carpets are firmer, with excellent resistance to everyday wear and tear.

    Frieze carpet is fast becoming one of the most popular residential carpeting options on the market and for good reason. The twists are beautiful and comfortable to the touch. This carpet style is a particularly good choice for families with young children or households with pets because of its stain-resistant quality.

    Plush & Textured Carpet

    Plush is a cut-pile carpet, which means that the fibers are sheared evenly to provide a smooth, level surface Plush is often chosen for bedrooms because it has a softer feel to it.

    Plush carpet is made in a variety of fibers, from natural to synthetic to blends of both. Each fiber choice in plush has unique features and benefits. To find the right fibers for your plush carpet, consult with one of our carpet professionals.

    Patterned Carpet

    Gain style points by installing a patterned carpet in your home. This type of carpet is carefully sculpted through a combination of cut fibers and loops to create fashionable patterns and textures. Patterned carpet styles range from delicate florals to bold stripes to geometric stripes that will give any room an instant spark of personality.

    With unlimited options, patterned carpet is a great decorating tool. You can draw the eye to an area of your home, stretch the dimension of a room, or define a room’s character with a patterned carpet. Consult with our carpet style experts to see which pattern carpet will be best for your home.

    Carpet Styles Consultation

    If you need any help making a selection, or if you’re uncertain how each style of carpet will perform given your home’s conditions, our courteous experts will be happy to offer all the guidance you need.

    Carpet Styles Installation

    We will complete a professional, picture-perfect installation promptly. We take the utmost care not to disturb or disrupt your schedule. Best of all, we offer one of the most comprehensive installation guarantees in the industry. At Denver Carpet & Flooring, we’re not happy until you are!

    To learn more or to arrange a consultation, please contact us and we will gladly answer all your carpet style questions.

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