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    Bamboo Flooring


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    Bamboo Flooring

    While bamboo grows in any warm climate around the world, it is thought to have originated in China. Bamboo is technically considered grass but provides the strength of solid hardwood. Bamboo flooring appeals to ecologically and budget conscious shoppers because bamboo is easy to grow in abundance.

    If renewable and sustainable hardwood flooring appeals to you, then consider adding bamboo hardwood flooring to your property. We have a unique selection of bamboo flooring from top manufacturers. Our flooring experts will guide you through best-fit options based on your design preferences, budget, and application. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a flooring specialist.

    Unique Style and Clean Look

    Bamboo flooring is a chic, modern, and stylish choice to complement any space. Bamboo comes in hand-carved, distressed, rustic, and antique finishes so there is a wide range of styles to choose from. Solid bamboo will typically come with a light blonde finish. A natural bamboo finish looks clean and refreshing. Solid bamboo is unique in that the material is flexible to take on deeper colors, grain patterns, and even exotic prints. Carbonized bamboo uses an interesting boiling technique that caramelizes natural plant sugars to create darker or more intense tones. Stained bamboo flooring can also work well to bring out various shades and hues.

    Engineered Bamboo Flooring

    Engineered hardwood flooring is also an ideal option for basements and low-grade areas that are prone to moisture and mold. Engineered hardwood bamboo offers extra durability against scratching, expansion, and contraction. People gravitate towards engineered bamboo flooring for its long-lasting, low maintenance factors.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Bamboo is considered a renewable material because of its ability to grow at a much faster rate than traditional woods like maple or oak. It takes approximately five to seven years for bamboo to mature while traditional materials can take decades longer to reach their prime. Un-carbonized bamboo is just as strong as red oak, making it a great eco-friendly option. Additionally, you can choose from several grain types, colors and surface textures to fit your space.

    Care & Maintenance of Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo offers durability and easy maintenance. It is slightly more water resistant than other hardwoods, but like traditional hardwoods, it can be refinished over the years for long wear and lasting beauty.

    Bamboo flooring does not require any special treatment and can be easily cleaned with mild soap. Just like any traditional hardwood, sweep or vacuum your bamboo floors regularly to prevent scratches and avoid using a wet mop to prevent warping. Never use waxed-based products or acidic materials, as they may cause damage.

    Our trained professionals can help you pick out the flooring type that best suits your home, so come to our Denver showroom to view our selection of bamboo hardwood flooring, or make an appointment to bring our showroom to you.

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