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    Bella Cera Hardwood Flooring is considered a leading brand in the high-end hardwood flooring industry. Bella Cera is a brand that stays true to the old Italian tradition of hardwood flooring craftsmanship. They are a private label that is sold nationally but is exclusive to boutique stores like Denver Carpet and Flooring. You will not see Bella Cera in large warehouse stores. This is intentional. The makers of Bella Cera hardwood flooring want to make sure shoppers are greeted by a knowledgeable flooring expert who can educate them about the quality of their collection. Come visit our showroom or schedule an appointment with our flooring specialists to learn more about Bella Cera hardwood.

    Bella Cera’s Old Italian Tradition

    Artisans of this brand are trained by a nationally-recognized hardwood flooring master. They are taught to observe and examine each plank’s unique personality before working on the hardwood floor. Artisans then choose the right handtools and techniques to bring out the distinct characteristics of each plank. It is no wonder this company wants shoppers to understand and gain a deep appreciation for their attention to detail.

    Bella Cera Styles and Finishes

    Bella Cera’s artisans skillfully add subtle textures to enhance the original marking of the natural wood. The artisans then apply two coats of stain by hand, using a brush. Most flooring companies spray on coats of stain by machine. Using a brush gives Bella Cera hardwood flooring depth and brings out the flooring’s natural, rich undertones. Bella Cera has partnered with the highest quality hardwood finish brand, Valspar, to protect their hardwood floorings from sun damage and discoloration.

    Engineered vs Solid Hardwood Floors

    Bella Cera offers both solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood floors tend to be the popular choice for many homeowners who want a more forgiving wood flooring that is easier to maintain. Engineered hardwood can be installed throughout any space, including basements and kitchens, without bending and bowing due to moisture.

    Bella Cera Laminate Flooring

    Bella Cera manufactures laminate flooring in addition to making hand-carved hardwood floors. Bella Cera follows the old Italian tradition of hand scraped hardwood flooring and carries over that same authentic look with their laminate flooring. Bella Cera’s laminate flooring is meant to look like real hardwood. It’s available in a wide range of styles and finishes to enhance your space.

    Denver Carpet and Flooring carries a large variety of laminate flooring options. Visit our store or contact us to schedule an in-home consultation.

    Laminate Styles and Finish

    Bella Cera offers a unique selection of laminate flooring options. Their collection of light wood styles can brighten up a space and richer wood tones create a warmer, more intimate setting. Bella Cera flooring is crafted from high-quality laminate, that is constructed to resist scratching, fading, and shrinking. Their laminate flooring is seamless and natural looking without all the maintenance and drawbacks of solid hardwood. Laminate is a more budget-friendly flooring as well.

    Bella Cera Flooring Installation and Warranty

    It is important that your Bella Cera hardwood floors are installed and maintained properly to keep your hardwood, engineered wood and laminate flooring under warranty. Denver Carpet and Flooring has certified flooring installers who will make sure to execute your project to specifications.
    Our hardwood flooring specialists can guide you through a wide selection of Bella Cera flooring options. We can bring samples to your home, take measurements, and provide a detailed estimate of materials and labor. Schedule an appointment with our flooring specialist and ask about our Shop-at-Home service.

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