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    Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors


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    Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

    Brazilian Cherry, also known as Jatoba, is the most exotic of hardwood floors. Brazilian cherry was introduced into the U.S. nearly twenty years ago for furniture making. This type of hardwood quickly became one of the top flooring trends for high-end homes. People were drawn to the deep, rich red tones of Brazilian cherry and it made homes look and feel decadent.

    Denver Carpet and Flooring offers a premium selection of Brazilian cherry and solid hardwood flooring. Come visit our showroom or request an in-home consultation. Our flooring specialists will provide flooring samples that match your lifestyle and budget.

    Elegant Hardwood Flooring

    Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is for the sophisticated, bold, and regal lifestyles. Brazilian cherry offers the richest, darkest, most complex saturation of color. This natural, solid hardwood is noticeably different than any other hardwood flooring because of its depth, unique grains, and rich finish. Brazilian cherry was once considered an opulent purchase. But, rising demand over the last twenty years has made this hardwood more accessible.Thanks to technological advancements, you can also achieve a similar look with laminate or engineered hardwood floors.

    Brazilian Cherry vs Jatoba

    Brazilian cherry is also known as Jotaba. They are the same wood species but it’s important to note one large difference in how the terms are used. When shopping for exotic hardwood flooring, Brazilian cherry is the name used for flooring interior spaces. Jotaba is often the term used for outdoor spaces and decks. There can be some confusion but a hardwood flooring specialist can guide you in the right direction based on your needs.

    Brazilian Cherry vs American Cherry

    Brazilian cherry is similar to American cherry but has a much darker, red color. Brazilian cherry has deep reddish-brown tones that darken significantly in the first few years of installation. Unfinished American cherry hardwood, on the other hand, has a brighter red finish and darkens at a much slower rate than Brazilian hardwood.

    Durability and Resilience

    Brazilian cherry is extremely hard on the Janka Hardness Scale. The hardness and density of this hardwood make its durability rating second to walnut flooring. This makes Brazilian cherry one of the most scratch-resistant and strongest materials. In fact, if you’re not skilled in Brazilian cherry wood craftsmanship, you may find it difficult to nail or drill anything into this type of wood.

    Hardwood Flooring Installation

    Exotic hardwood that has been carefully imported from South America deserves professional flooring installation. Install your floors right the first time and have peace of mind that your flooring will last. Denver Carpet and Flooring has a team of certified flooring installers who will make sure your subfloors, overlay, and padding are installed to manufacturer’s specifications. Come visit our showroom or schedule an appointment for an in-home consultation. Our flooring specialist will bring flooring samples based on your style preferences and budget. We will also take measurements and can schedule your flooring installation in the same visit.

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