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    Hickory Hardwood Flooring


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    Hickory Hardwood Flooring

    Did you know hickory is part of the walnut family? Hickory hardwood flooring is the brighter cousin of walnut flooring. Similar to the walnut tree, hickory is a domestic species that grows prolifically across America. If you like the ecological appeal of installing a domestic wood species, hickory is an organic choice for your home.

    Hickory hardwood flooring offers one of the most versatile applications in style, functionality, and convenience. Denver Carpet and Flooring carries a wide range of hickory, walnut, and other species of solid hardwood flooring. Visit our store or contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our flooring specialists for an in-home consultation.

    Styles and Variations

    Hickory is rather popular for casual, rustic, trendy, or bright interiors. Regardless of your aesthetic taste, there is something for everyone with hickory hardwood flooring. This is because hickory trees are easily cross-pollinated, or hybridized, within its species to produce an infinite combination of grains, colors, and patterns. Colors vary from a light cream to a golden amber, and will slightly darken over time. Exposure to UV light increases the darkening process.

    Durability and Strength

    Similar to the walnut, hickory hardwood flooring rates high in the Janka Hardness Rating for durability. However, hickory varies from walnut in its “workability.” Walnut is very dense but still easy to carve, sand, and shape. Hickory, on the other hand, is not as dense, but is more difficult to work with. The grain, roughness, and texture are benefits of hickory hardwood flooring. Additionally, hickory flooring offers good shock resistance for active households, children, and pets are concerned.

    Solid and Engineered Hardwood

    As with any considerations between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring, you will want to think about maintenance, functionality, and stylistic preferences. Engineered hardwood flooring works well for basements and low-grade areas where warping or moisture may destroy solid hardwood.

    Hickory Hardwood Flooring Installation

    Hickory flooring is one of the more difficult solid hardwood floorings to install because of its density and lack of “workability.” Another thing to note about hickory is that is shrinks more than any other hardwood material. The density and natural shrinking characteristics are why you will want to invest in professional flooring installation. A professional installer will know how to prepare and install your floors so you will get the most use and satisfaction from your new hardwood flooring.

    Your Flooring Experts

    Our professional flooring specialist will accurately measure your space and take into account the hickory flooring’s natural shrinking. Denver Carpet and Flooring understands choosing hardwood flooring can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make the shopping experience as easy, informative, and enjoyable as possible. We have knowledgeable flooring specialists that can guide you through our entire flooring selection or come to your home with the most optimal flooring samples based on your needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a flooring specialist.

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