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    Oak Hardwood Flooring


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    Oak Hardwood Flooring

    Oak hardwood flooring is a versatile choice that can be installed in a single room or throughout your entire house. Oak hardwood comes in a wide variety of blends, grains, colors, and finish. Oak easily fits with most decors and offers one of the best durability ratings for solid hardwood flooring. Oak is considered one of the best investments for increasing the property value of your home.

    Denver Carpet and Flooring carries a large selection of solid hardwood flooring. Come visit our showroom or contact us and we’ll bring oak hardwood flooring samples to you. Our flooring specialist will take measurements, provide a detailed quote, and get your floors installed quickly.

    Solid Hardwood Oak

    Oak is known for its strength and endurance. Oak is one of the densest hardwood flooring species and is resistant to warping. In fact, during the 9th and 10 centuries, Vikings would construct their longboats using oak. Aside from durability, oak is commonly used to barrel wine, scotch, and whiskey. Similar to fine wine or scotch, its colors and finish naturally deepen with age. Oak trees can live to be over 200 years old and are a solid choice for homes that were built to last.

    Engineered Hardwood Oak

    Oak is also available in engineered hardwood flooring. With engineered flooring, multiple layers of natural oak are pressed together. This type of construction provides extra durability against warping and moisture. Engineered hardwood can be treated with a moisture resistant finish and complement thermal insulation padding. Engineered hardwood flooring performs well in basements and low-grade settings.

    Colors and Style

    Oak hardwood flooring can take on a wide range of tone and grains to create interesting effects. Shades are available in light to very dark tones. Oak also has distinct grains and markings that can be brought out through additional staining. There are essentially two varieties of oak. Red oak produces light brown to pinkish red tones that are often accompanied by swirling and watermarks. White oak will give off light gray to bright yellow undertones with striped grains.

    Durability and Care

    Oak is a strong material that can withstand indentations and damage. Oak is hypoallergenic and has natural anti-fungal properties. Oak hardwood flooring requires minimal care but padding is suggested under the legs of chairs and other heavy furniture. Regular sweeping and a light mop are recommended to maintain the beauty and timelessness of oak hardwood flooring.

    Hardwood Flooring Installation

    Denver Carpet and Flooring has a skilled team ready to complete your hardwood flooring installation. Our installers will make sure to prepare and install your floors to spec so that your floors will last for decades.

    Denver Carpet and Flooring offers a wide selection of hardwood and engineered flooring. Come visit our showroom or contact us to schedule a time for our flooring specialist to bring samples to you. We will match your design and style preferences to your budget, take measurements, and get your flooring installation scheduled quickly.

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