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    Walnut Flooring


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    Walnut Hardwood Flooring

    Walnut is the hardest solid hardwood flooring material and has the highest Janka Hardness Rating. The density and the ease with which craftsmen can cut, sand and carve the wood makes walnut an ideal timber for building furniture, making cabinets, and even accentuating luxury cars. Walnut hardwood flooring can be easily handled, but not easily destroyed. Homeowners choose walnut flooring for its durability, natural color, and smooth finish.

    Denver Carpet and Flooring carries a wide selection of premium hardwood flooring from leading manufacturers. Come visit our showroom or contact us for an in-home consultation.

    American Walnut or Black Walnut

    Traditional walnut in the U.S. is called American walnut or black walnut. It is one of the few hardwood species in the U.S. that is grown through strategic replanting efforts and from naturally fallen seeds. This type hardwood flooring can range from a creamy white sapwood to a dark chocolate blend in the heartwood. How walnut wood is dried also affects color and texture. When kiln-dried (a special drying process where humidity and temperature are controlled) a dull, brown color emerges that works well with rustic themes. For a more sophisticated palette, air-dried walnut hardwood flooring will produce a rich, purple-brown color.

    Sustainable Flooring

    The lumber industry in the U.S. is regulated by the federal Department of Agriculture. This means that steps are taken to preserve our natural lands and ensure our ecosystem is not harmed through the harvesting of the trees used for the manufacturing of walnut flooring. This type of flooring is also recyclable and biodegradable.

    Brazilian Walnut Flooring

    The Brazilian walnut flooring is an exotic hardwood with an even higher density rating than American walnut flooring. The color in Brazilian walnut hardwood ranges from olive brown to dark espresso heartwood. In the Brazilian walnut, mainly the heartwood (center part of a tree trunk) is used for flooring. Brazilian walnut flooring is also the only walnut timber that can produce dark variations with sharp contrasts of yellow and white sapwood if you are going for a more dramatic effect.

    Unique Grains in Walnut Hardwood

    Regardless of whether you choose American or Brazilian walnut flooring, this type of hardwood flooring will have one of the widest and most unique grain variations. The natural markings on each floorboard is another reason homeowners choose walnut flooring.

    Durability and Moisture Resistance

    Another advantage of walnut flooring is that this type of hardwood has natural water resistance and anti-mold properties. Homeowners can lightly mop walnut flooring without using special chemicals or treatments. The overall durability of walnut hardwood resists cracking or chipping and can withstand a lot of impact.

    Solid Hardwood or Engineered Flooring?

    While walnut flooring has better moisture resistance than any other solid hardwood, it is not recommended for basement or low-grade areas. Engineered walnut hardwood flooring is constructed from several thin layers of wood and topped by a layer of natural walnut hardwood. Engineered hardwood is built to minimize the effects of fluctuating humidity and temperature levels which causes walnut to contract and expand.

    Denver Carpet and Flooring understands that all these variations of hardwood flooring can get confusing. We have knowledgeable flooring specialists that can guide you through our selection or come to your home with the most optimal flooring samples based on your needs. contact us to schedule an appointment with a flooring specialist.

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