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    Like its counterpart porcelain tile, Ceramic tile flooring also comes from a dense clay that is heated to density, then cut. At Denver Carpet and Flooring our ceramic comes in an array of styles and colors and usually is more cost effective than porcelain tile. Our clients love this tile in their bathrooms for the fact that during the summer months the tile stays cool long into the day and into the night. Some of our clients have even said that they’ve seen a decrease in their energy bill!

    Like porcelain tile, ceramic tile is perfect for your Denver kitchen, bathroom and shower. It’s easy to maintain and clean and is very durable. When you call us for an in-house showing our consultants will bring an array of beautiful samples to choose from. Once you find the best tile for your needs, we guarantee a 7 day installation which means you can have your tile installed in a week, sometimes less. Call Denver Carpet Flooring today to schedule a time that works for you!

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