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    One of the most alluring and sought after flooring option is marble tile. There is no doubt that marble has been around for centuries. It’s been used in statues, columns and has been an integral part in history with its timeless beauty and strength.

    When you choose Denver Carpet and Flooring for your marble flooring needs, you can bring that timeless beauty right into your home. Most people think marble tile is expensive but that is simply not the case.

    When you call for an appointment today, one of our experienced flooring consultants will bring marble options that will fit any type of budget.

    Maintaining marble tile consists of having 2 protective layers of sealant as to ensure the prevention of stains. It is also very porous so it’s recommended that if something spills on it, one should wipe up the spill immediately. However, once the sealant is applied daily maintenance is easy. One quick sweep and damp mopping with a mild detergent will usually the trick. Marble tile comes in array of colors and designs and much like granite tile, it will last the lifetime of your home and will often raise the value.

    For samples and pricing, call Denver Carpet and Flooring today to have one of our designers come to your house at your convenience and show you why our clients love this timeless and beautiful tile!

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