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    If you are looking for a unique, timeless tile for your kitchen or bath, stone might be the tile for you. Stone offers many benefits to the value of your home. Not only is it a well sought after stone because of its color consistency and durability but also it is one of the few flooring options that will actually raise the value of your home.

    When our expert consultants come to your Denver home or office, you will receive many options of styles and colors to choose from to embellish the traits of your room or office.

    At Denver Carpet and Flooring our clients love the look and feel of our stone tile options. While stone tile looks good in any room of the house, most people prefer to have theirs installed in the kitchen. The kitchen is where the most wear and tear happens and stone tile is very well known for its durability and ease of clean. For spills and stains a manufactured approved cleaner is all it takes for this alluring tile. And, lastly stone tile is very cost effective, as mentioned above, once installed it will last the lifetime of your house and will often raise the value of your home.

    Call us today for a FREE in home flooring estimate and let our trusted and experience consultants show you the many options in colors and styles that we offer!

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