Commercial flooring consultation


Commercial flooring consultation

If your carpets are wearing thin or your hard surfaces are beginning to show their age, the decision may be a fundamental need, and might as well offer a positive return on investment too.

How are new floors good for business?

For one, getting new floors means that you are investing in capital improvements for your commercial property. New floors will attract new and keep existing customers. They will extend the life of your floors and carpet worn down by the daily traffic of your business. And best of all, they will increase the value and even provide tax benefits such as deductions or increased cost basis.



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Small commercial

At Denver Carpet & Flooring we partner with top manufacturers who produce technologically advanced, sustainable, and stylish surfaces to meet the budget, regional aesthetic, brand centric and functional purpose requirements for your commercial property.

Multi-family commercial

The intimate environment of condominiums, townhomes and apartment buildings require a unique set of elements to consider when making flooring decisions. Solid "hard" woods (i.e. oak, maple, walnut) may not be the best choice for condominiums due to the significant neighbor noise resulting from footfall and other structure borne sound and vibration.


Realtors, whether you’re working on a residential or commercial project, you’re defined by the edge you provide and getting your clients the best deal. Having savvy market knowledge and a deep understanding of their needs and desires is extremely important as is building connections in the industry with companies.
Commercial flooring consultation in Denver, CO from Denver Carpet & Flooring

Property managers

Our experience with property managers reveals several common issues they have experienced with other flooring companies. What are your concerns? Has there been a lack of communication? Have you experienced installers who don’t follow your property rules and leave a mess for you to clean up? Has the selection of flooring options been limited?

Let Denver Carpet & Flooring handle your business – your business flooring that is

Whatever your business is and requires, Denver Carpet & Flooring offers the best in style, functionality, price, and service. We take pride in the work we do and we want to show you why below.