Small commercial flooring consultation


Small commercial flooring consultation

We understand you are constantly balancing cost, quality, durability, installation, and ease of maintenance when considering flooring surfaces for new construction, remodels, or updates and upgrades.

Flooring that will wow clients

At Denver Carpet & Flooring we partner with top manufacturers who produce technologically advanced, sustainable, and stylish surfaces to meet the budget, regional aesthetic, brand-centric, and functional purpose requirements for your commercial property.

Today, there are more practical choices than ever before in resilient, stylish, and easy to install flooring surfaces. Our flooring specialists are available to visit your property with samples, review your budget, coordinate a design aesthetic, and guide you to easy, smart, and confident capital improvement decisions with a positive return on investment. Let us take care of your floors so you can take care of your stakeholders, partners, or tenants.

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Common functional flooring options

We have substantial experience successfully helping property owners and managers review the broad range of choices available and we want to offer some general rules of thumb for various applications.

Applications for various industries



Infection control, biological containment and resiliency balanced with smooth transitions, rollability and slip resistance tend to be the key factors for flooring decisions and based on facility area needs a combination of surfaces such as no-wax sheet and tile products, including rubber, linoleum, sheet vinyl, and vinyl tile dominate in healthcare.


Maintenance, durability and budget are the primary decision factors. Vinyl composite tile, porcelain, linoleum, broadloom, and carpet tiles are often specified for school and college projects. Terrazzo and polished concrete are often used in main-floor public spaces, and natural wood and rubber are typically specified in gyms and other recreational areas.


Retail and restaurants have more flexibility in budget, function and maintenance due to branding and aesthetics driving most decisions, thus more latitude and a greater selection of product choices are available. One key theme to keep in mind – unlike other commercial sectors, the competitive nature of retail requires consistently attracting new and return customers and often leads to frequent aesthetic and functional updates. The sector’s most popular product types are carpet tile, natural stone tile, hardwood and engineered wood. Polished concrete, LVT, and porcelain tile can be found as well.


As in most types of commercial buildings, there are several functional purposes within a larger project. The boardroom requires a very different overall presentation than the copy room. Company identity, client comfort, durability, ease of maintenance and even sound dampening all play key roles when choosing office flooring. We have helped many businesses choose and install a broad array of surfaces in the workplace: solid hardwood, laminate, vinyl tile, carpet, carpet tile and even cork.