Realtors, whether you’re working on a residential or commercial project, you’re defined by the edge you provide and getting your clients the best deal.

Flooring that will wow clients

Having savvy market knowledge and a deep understanding of their needs and desires is extremely important as is building connections in the industry with companies. We’re a flooring company who is looking to partner with you and continue a relationship even after the first deal is done. After all, building the foundation of reliability and trust with partners is an integral part of making sure each of your clients is provided the same first-class experience you value and know they deserve.

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Why will new flooring give you the edge?

Don’t leave anything on the table and put the money where it should be, in your pocket. In a hot market, homes can sell quickly without any upgrades or updates. This only means that there is more than likely a little money being left on the table. Having the floors professionally updated can give the property a boost and can make it even more desirable for the market.

If you find yourself helping a customer buy a home, and you know the home needs new floors, your flooring expertise might help you strike a deal for the client. Taking money off the asking price, helping them afford the update post-purchase. Plus, knowing a flooring vendor you can trust leaves you having someone to recommend. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

Even when working on a commercial deal, having an expert that can come to you and the client when needed with samples and prices to help expedite the selling process is important. We can handle any size job and will provide timelines and estimates in a timely fashion to make sure your project stays on track.

When it comes to flooring and installation, we don’t want to waste your time. We come to you, so you don’t have to drive around town – after all, time is money.

How Design Consultation Works

Our design consultant will come to you with different flooring options and samples. They’ll measure and provide an estimate on the spot; in just one hour!

How can you partner with Denver Carpet & Flooring?

  • Sign up for our newsletter and keep informed on flooring trends, deals, and exclusives.
  • As a partner, we’ll provide a consult for you or your client free of charge. We’ll even meet you at the location of your choosing (buying or selling) with or without you present (your preference).
  • Plus! We are in hundreds of homes each month. Many of our buyers are “thinking” about putting their house on the market. We would love to be able to refer business to you.

Trends and Business Updates

Stay informed on design trends, technical issues, and tricks of the trade with our design center and blog. We’ll even help you build your marketing presence with free content to share. Just take an article you see on our site and share it via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email to keep your network informed. After all, the more information and helpful tips you can provide as a realtor, the more top-of-mind you will be.

Need more convincing?

  • Information is Power – You already know that knowledge is power. We will keep you informed on the latest trends and technical information so you can stay current and relevant to your customers.
  • Gain Trust and Credibility – Take the knowledge we give you, make it your own and share it with your clients to further solidify your role as a trusted resource.
  • Capitalize On Special Offers – Be the first to receive our monthly notice of remnants and clearance items, before we advertise to the public.
  • Personal Pricing – As a Partner, you are entitled to special pricing for your own home.

About Denver Carpet & Flooring

Denver Carpet & Flooring is one of Colorado’s top-rated flooring companies. Whether your clients need new flooring in preparation to list their property, or they just purchased the perfect fixer-upper you found them, your clients deserve the best value and service. This is exactly what we deliver with our gold standard Peak Commitment punctuated by our Peak Guarantee. Our team is dedicated to completing you or your clients’ projects on time and on budget, and we’re not finished until 100% satisfaction is attained by all parties.